A Love Letter To Cristobal Balenciaga’s 1967 Wedding Dress

Right now, designer fashion houses are gearing up for New York Fashion Week in September. Gimmickry was avoided at all costs-even in the postwar period of consumerism, when many of Balenciaga’s competitors engaged freely in a variety of new sales tactics, including the development of ranges of ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, and numerous fragrances and the use of advertising.

With such sustained efforts at maintaining Balenciaga’s reputation and values, his impact on fashion is bound to survive, disseminated through a range of techniques from which the reserved and publicity-shy Balenciaga himself might well have recoiled.

As was relatively common in Parisian couture, Balenciaga was a limited company, in the form of a partnership between Balenciaga himself, his hat designer and friend Vladzio Zawrorowski (d. 1946), and Nicolas Bizcarrondo, the Basque businessman who provided the initial capital.

In the late Middle Ages, black denoted humbleness as adopted by the Black Monks, the Benedictines In that sense, Balenciaga’s monastic black pieces feel solemn and modest when displayed alongside Antoine Bourdelle’s flamboyant and almost hysterical plaster casts.

PARIS — I do not share the unbridled passion for haute couture fashion that some do, but I have gotten excited by certain arty creators like Rei Kawakubo , Alexander McQueen , and early Viktor & Rolf Now, gucci replica shoes after seeing the exquisite Balenciaga, l’œuvre au noir show at the Musée Bourdelle , I place at the top of my short list their predecessor: Spanish-Basque couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga’s all-black oeuvre.

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