Buddhism And Chinese Culture

This course is designed to assist students to understand Chinese asian culture values (https://markable.in) and its Buddhist influences. For over two thousand years, Buddhism has interacted with all levels of Chinese culture corresponding to literature, philosophy, mores and behavioural norms, arts and structure, and religions of all classes. In consequence, Buddhism has become one of the three pillars of conventional Chinese culture and its affect is seen in lots of facets and at all ranges of Chinese culture. The aim of the course is to boost students’ intellectual understanding of Chinese culture, method of life, and perception by way of historic analysis and theoretical enquiries into the important thing aspects of China’s long interplay with Buddhism. Attention will likely be paid to the open attitude of each Buddhism and Confucianism as a basis for integration and mutual assimilation. 1. Demonstrate a better understanding of the role Buddhist tradition plays in the assorted types of Chinese life corresponding to thought, value, visual artwork, structure, literature, language, and folk beliefs.

2. Demonstrate an consciousness of the traits and diversities of China’s cultural heritage and the affect of Buddhism. 3. Use related data to critically study how important Buddhist tradition is in Chinese people’s every day life equivalent to Guanyin belief and ancestor worship. 4. Apply the knowledge and understanding gained to review the deeper implications of Buddhist thought for modern society along with other philosophical and religious methods.

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