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High impact polycarbonate greenhouse panels will make light work of repelling common garden hazards such as footballs, falling apples, frisbees, animals and children. Polycarbonate sheeting is one of the best plastic materials available for glass replacement applications: Also, there is Solexx glazing material which offers 72 – 77% soft diffused light, although, Solexx is polyethylene rather than polycarbonate.

You’ll lose less heat through the roof panels than you would with a glass greenhouse. Gothic Style Solar Star Greenhouses Offer A Large Capacity With Classic Styling For Light Commercial Use And Avid Home Gardeners. Royal Victorian Poly Greenhouses are constructed of an aluminum frame with 10 mm twin-wall polycarbonate glazed panes and wind braces for strength and long lasting durability.

Polycarbonate panels are less expensive in comparison to almost any other plastic sheet, and they are easier to work with than glass or acrylic. Polycarbonate Panels are the jack-of-all-trades for plastic sheets. Available in many sizes, and as twin wall polycarbonate, there may even be space to house a small box with your gardening tools, and any hand tools that you may need inside your greenhouse.

Furthermore, polycarbonate greenhouse glazing is a stronger material than glass, this means it is able to endure a large amount of damage before it can be classed as unusable. And, as less heat is lost through the polycarbonate material the greenhouse is able to maintain a higher average temperature than other greenhouses. Take a look through our range of plastic greenhouses for sale, with a size and design to fit even the most obscure gardens.

If you want a quick and simple assembly, that you can do yourself it, a polycarbonate greenhouse would generally only take a day to do. A similar sized glass greenhouse would require much more time and effort, with some greenhouses needing professional assembly. Given the high number of offers available today, finding a suitably plastic-covered greenhouse that will meet specific demands for quality and size isn’t that difficult. In many greenhouses, polycarbonate covers would eliminate the need to move plants higher, or use any artificial lighting.

Replacing glass sheets can be awkward, as the right size and styrene has to be found, replacing polycarbonate sheets is much easier. Plastic has better heat retention properties than glass, and less heat is lost through polycarbonate material than glass. In recent years polycarbonate greenhouses have become increasingly popular and look set to overtake glass as the main material used for covering greenhouses.

A quick and inexpensive option for growers, TekSupply’s high quality greenhouse film has ultraviolet (UV) protection and offers excellent tensile strength durability. Virtually unbreakable, twin-wall polycarbonate panels diffuse over 70% of the harsh sunlight for an even, soft light and block the harmful UV sun rays. If a larger greenhouse is needed for your gardening leave clause needs then we have the 10ft wide Elite Supreme and 10ft wide Eden Bourton with twin wall 6mm polycarbonate glazing.

Our Palram range of polycarbonate greenhouses use clear polycarbonate, the panels are extremely strong, which can withstand stones and even kicks, without cracking. At , we have the largest range of quality polycarbonate greenhouses online, we deal with the 2 polycarbonate specialists, Nison Greenhouses and Palram Greenhouses. When reviewing Polycarbonate greenhouses, in order to be certain it can serve you well for over 2 years it is essential to pay attention to the manufacturer’s reputation and the Polycarbonate panels’ specifications.

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