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This push and pull might best be exemplified for me by the Star Wars marathon on Disney Plus I undertook at the end of November. The week before last, I got knocked out with a brutal cold and spent about four days shuffling from my bed to the couch and back.

James Martin/CNET Samsung has been hinting at a forthcoming clamshell-style phone since the release of the $1,980 Galaxy Fold. But the company apparently isn’t the only one looking to bring out more foldable phones next year. Both Samsung and LG Electronics will put new foldable devices on the market in 2020, according to a Wednesday report from the Seputar Drama Korea Herald.

The Seoul-based newspaper, citing unnamed industry sources, said Samsung is expected to unveil the clamshell-style phone around February, along with its Galaxy S11. It’ll then release a second edition of the Galaxy Fold in August. The clamshell-style gadget is estimated to cost about $850. 

None of this is to say that I wish there were fewer options. Certainly, I am totally in charge of what I watch and when. So if I never get around to watching Barry, but mainline the third season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it’s on me. 

Hopefully this gives you some good inspiration to get out there and get shooting. If you’re looking for more tips on taking great photos with your phone, check out our macro guide, our guide on how to snag great photos of cars with your phone or get inspiration from our supercar tour of Scotland, shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro.

Clip-on phone lenses
If your phone doesn’t have a built-in wide-angle mode (as you’ll find on the iPhone 11 ($699 at Apple) series or Galaxy S10 Plus), you should take a look at Moment’s range of clip-on phone lenses, available for all recent iPhones, Galaxy phones, Pixels and OnePlus phones. They’re made from high-quality glass, and the wide-angle lens lets you capture an amazing, sweeping vista in a way that’s simply not possible with the standard view on your camera. 

If you’re the sort of person who likes keeping up with the shifting pop culture landscape, watching TV is turning into a task. For sure, there’s an element of FOMO — fear of missing out — at work here, but FOMO is only phase one. What happens when you’ve already MOed? 

Despite Samsung’s early struggles with the first Galaxy Fold, foldable devices seem poised for a big year. Motorola plans to release its new clamshell $1,500 Razr foldable that resembles the classic flip phone in January. Other phone makers like TCL and Xiaomi also have been experimenting with the form factor in different ways, including double and triple folding designs. 

These compelling discussions then pool in moments of melancholy. The camera holds on Nainai as she waits for another scan, the stillness enveloped by Alex Weston’s beautifully meditative choral and violin soundtrack. Wang’s use of slow motion allows us to feel Billi’s affecting experience in China, the world moving differently around her. The impressive team is sealed by cinematographer Anna Franquesa Solano, whose delicate, crisp canvas pops with color from neon billboards, often evoking Japan-set Lost in Translation.

Cloud hosting is a great option if you want to make sure you have a lot of storage space and allows you to utilize cloud computing to do so. There are many advantages to selecting cloud hosting, such as guaranteed server resources, redundant data storage and unlimited website growth.

Then we ease into lightness once more, such as the family deciding to hold a wedding reception as an excuse to bring everyone together, even though the couple involved have only been dating for three months (“Let’s say a year,” everyone decides).

So instead of worrying about servers and hosting applications, SSH and cPanel, you’re going to be paying more attention to the business applications you can integrate with, the selling channels you use and the products and inventory you spotlight. 

Then comes the lie: Billi’s family in China decides to keep Nainai’s cancer diagnosis hidden from her. Nainai’s little sister, who receives the doctor’s prognosis on behalf of her elderly sibling, pretends a scan reveals only “benign shadows” and tells Nainai she’s perfectly healthy.

While The Farewell announces Wang and Zhao’s talent, its other stunning revelation is Awkwafina. Born Nora Lum, the actress, comedian, TV host and rapper famous for her song “My Vag,” is completely authentic as Billi, whose heart you can feel beating achingly through her strained attempts to keep smiling.

When there’s more to consume than time to consume it, it’s easy to fall into an internal negotiation in which you have to evaluate what you should watch versus what you want to watch. And in this fast-paced age, the former can win out at the expense of the latter.

Best of both worlds
The base engine for this eighth-generation Sonata is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that makes 191 horsepower and 181 pound-feet of torque. The upgrade from there is a slightly more sophisticated 1.6-liter turbocharged setup that makes 180 hp and 195 lb-ft. (I know, it seems more like a lateral move, but the 1.6T is supposed to be a smoother, better-driving engine.)

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