NATO warned the situation in Tripoli remains very dangerous and promised the alliance will continue bombing forces loyal to the 69-year-old Libyan leader if they keep fighting. “Snipers, shelling, missiles could do much damage, but they can’t change the course of history or the outcome of this campaign,” spokesman Col. Roland Lavoie told reporters at a news conference in Naples, Italy. Sky News’ Alex Crawford reports rebel forces are staging an attack on Bab al-Aziziya on Tuesday. From her vantage point just several blocks away from the compound, heavy gunfire and explosions were clearly heard. Crawford said Qaddafi’s failure to unleash more serious firepower on the advancing rebels was a strong indicator that the fighters genuinely maintained the momentum, and it was possible that most of the strongman’s remaining forces were being penned-in at Bab al-Aziziya – setting the stage for a final showdown. The compound, which has been heavily damaged by NATO airstrikes, has emerged as one of the centers of government resistance since tanks rolled out Monday and began firing at rebels trying to get in. Petersen reports that the fighting has been contained to only a few areas of the capital.


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